Shari Plates

Chaya Plates are technically advanced of any other plates.

Dual center mounting
– Patent Pending –

Fibreglass reinforced nylon Plate

Detailed Product Features


Fiberglass reinforced nylon plate

20° casted aluminium truck

Power toe

Jelly Interlock PU-Cushions, 84A

Controller stopper, Natural/synthetic rubber mix


Dual Center Mounting (DCM)

Standard mounting to fit other boots



3–13 US

Chaya Shari

Dual Center Mount (DCM)


Dual Center Mounting

Advantages of DCM

Less hardware needed for the assembly

Plate position can be customized

Easier handling for the (online) shops – frame can be mounted by skaters

Power Toe System

Advantages of PTS

Better Performance – more power, speed and control

Pre-tension of muscles

Better look